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05/04/20 11:44 AM #102    


Steve Smith

Linda, I hope so, Utah will probably be by then, however, some states will be slower because of their access to so many who were contagous. Steve

05/05/20 12:44 PM #103    

Susan McKain (MacIan)

Perhaps we should consider a masquerade ball, but  switching the mask from the eyes to the mouth and nose. 

05/08/20 07:25 AM #104    


Steve Smith

Very good!

05/27/20 11:51 AM #105    

Sarah Jean Mansfield (Hoggan)

Hi and thanks for all your time and effort!

Becuase of Covid-19 and our need (especially my husband)  to social distance I am regrettably withdrawing our commitment to attend the reunion. In these uncertain times, have you considered rescheduling the reunion for 2021?

05/28/20 10:04 AM #106    


Steve Smith

Sharah, Thanks for letting me know. Steve

05/29/20 11:16 AM #107    

Susan McKain (MacIan)



 For the sake of those who need to travel, might we consider gathering every year or every two years rather than canceling this  year’s event? Being realistic, while our get-together in the park might be handled safely, travel is another thing altogether.  If we keep it simple, it would not be too much trouble to set a date each year. There is merit in that, I believe, because it would allow those who couldn’t make one date to choose another.  Even more importantly, it would allow us to meet more safely.  While Utah has been very fortunate, even one person from another city who might pick up the virus on their way here could infect everyone of us. Next year, the risk will be diminished and/or our understanding of how to control the risk will be improved. 




06/08/20 08:53 AM #108    


Jill Wonnacott (Dunford)

Although we are on the attendance list, we aren't getting tickets to come out there, even to see family, for awhile yet.  I think the idea about doing something every year might be an easy, fun way to keep in touch.  We'll see what COVID brings...

06/08/20 10:36 AM #109    


Richard Baese

Steve, please remove me from the list for the reunion.  We had to change our yearly family vacation at Lake Tahoe from June to August  with the week of the reunion being the only week available.  Thanks, Richard.

07/29/20 09:49 PM #110    

Lance Walton

Due to current events and family dynamics I will not be attending the reunion this year. Please remove me from the list.

Lance Walton

08/05/20 06:42 PM #111    

Brent Cunningham

Steve could you post again time and place for August 22. Thanks. Brent

08/05/20 11:28 PM #112    


Steve Smith

Fairmont Park 1049 E Sugarmont Dr. 84106, I have it reserved from 3 pm until closing.


08/06/20 08:51 AM #113    


Michael Robinson

Friends, I had really hoped to be able to make it to the mini-reunion, but I've been ill since the day we returned from a two-week cruise in February. After five months, I am still struggling with COVID-related symptoms--including chest pressure, labored breathing, and low oxygen saturations. I've had to maintain a wait-and-see hesitance about the get-together, and it's now clear. I would have loved seeing my EHS friends, but I will not be able to attend. Michael

08/08/20 12:58 PM #114    

Mary Alldredge (Griffiths)

Mary Alldredge Griffiths  I plan to be at the reunion.  

08/09/20 10:01 AM #115    


Steve Smith

Thanks for letting me know Mary, I will add you to the list. Steve

08/10/20 03:20 PM #116    

George Vaughn


     I think my wife and her cousin are journeying to Evanston for the races over the weekend of the 22nd because their 88 yr. old aunt is still raising and running quarter horses from the ranch she maintains.  I plan on being at Fairmont Prk.

     How many of you remember, way back, when the east side of the park had the overgrown tree shaded creek running through it that was referred to as the "Witches Trail".  No need to date myself amongst this group.

     Steve, please let me know if there is something I can do to  assist with the festivities.


George Vaughn



08/10/20 07:43 PM #117    


Linda Welch (LeBrane)







08/11/20 02:45 PM #118    


Linda Welch (LeBrane)

Linda Welch LeBrane     I vote to CANCEL this reunion due to COVID and the fact that we are ALL in the vulnerable population.  Sad but true.


08/21/20 02:32 PM #119    

George Vaughn


     I will certainly stop down to Jordan Park early to assist.  Call me at 801-664-1920.  My sons and I are

planning on joining the Back the Blue support group later that afternoon/evening.


08/21/20 11:39 PM #120    


Steve Smith

Thanks George, I'm not doing as much as I was going to do but if you want to bring something to cover the tables, you can. Steve

08/27/20 07:43 AM #121    


Bonnie Jo Straley (Hooper)

Hey all you Leopards! Our socially distancing "Mimi"  reunion was great fun. Thank you, thank you Steve for being the "ringleader" , organizer and getting us together. Loved the musical trip down memory lane from Steve massive collection from our boomer generation.   George, thanks for powering us up.  Sadly,  our hearing just isn't what it used to be and it was nice to be able to catch up.  Jim, well done on keeping us cool with gallons of ice water. Glens name tags...well, you just had to be there to appreciate!  I'm already looking forward to next year. Stay safe and healthy so we can all congratulate each other on still being alive when we meet again!  Hugs, Bonnie

05/27/22 04:39 AM #122    

Gary Lamb

Thanks Kae nice to remember Stewart were treasured years gave us a good start. Is rough world somtimes!

10/27/23 01:04 PM #123    


Linda Welch (LeBrane)

My sweet husband of 40 years passed on Sat Oct 21  


From Linda Welch LeBrane


10/27/23 01:54 PM #124    


Steve Smith

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your husband, I surely know how you feel. He is in a better place, was he sick or was it a sudden thing?

10/27/23 03:08 PM #125    


DeAnna Pickett (DeBry)

Oh, Linda, I am so very sorry about your husband's passing. After learning your amazing story, we talked and I learned more about your sweet husband. I know there is nothing we can say or do to lift the sadness you are feeling, but please know you are loved by many, and you are in our prayers. I'd love to hear from you.

03/12/24 02:27 PM #126    

Laura Stowell (Clark)

I am not on the list of survivors so I must be dead.  If by some chance I come back to life and I'm in the country I will plan on attending the reunion. Currently, I am in Africa serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.  Best to all of you.  Laura

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