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02/03/15 10:40 PM #17    


Steve Smith

I don't know why the rinig sample did not go through on my last posting. I will post it as a picture on my personal site. Steve

03/07/15 11:23 AM #18    


Sally Norton (Smith)


Please reserve the evening of Thur., Aug. 20 for an EHAG get together.  Details to follow.


03/08/15 07:06 PM #19    

Francy Bury (Williams)

Sally: Thanks for the Heads up, Save the Date!  I'll bring my grandma face.


03/08/15 08:20 PM #20    

Patti Raymond (Kelly)

Thanks Sally that sounds great.  So nice of you to do that. I definitely can bring the grandma fac. Will save date??

03/08/15 09:26 PM #21    

Hope Kanell (Vernon)

Hey Sally... An evening with beautiful grandma faces sounds fabulous.  What can I do to help?  We'll definitely need name tags for identification.    

Hope Kanell Vernon 


03/09/15 12:03 PM #22    

Karen Ericksen (Fuhriman)

Sally , you're the best. Great idea. Can't wait to see all the girls. How can I help you? XO Karen

03/09/15 12:58 PM #23    


Susan Rasmussen (Turner)


What a great idea!  I've put it on my calendar, thank you so much!


I have been so looking forward to the reunion, only to realize Doug and I will be in Durango, Colo at the same time on a National Antique Car Tour.  I'm sorry to miss all the fun and seeing old friends.  I hope you have a wonderful time, I'm sure you will.  Do you think we'll make it to our 60th?  Thanks for all the hard work and the website, it's been very interesting.



03/09/15 01:01 PM #24    


Bonnie Jo Straley (Hooper)

   I"ve been working on my Grandma face for 50 years...Yikes! ( and will eventually figure our how to get it on our web site). I can handly wait to see how the rest of your grannyfaces are coming along.

   Will be great fun to see all you EHAGs again.  Sally, If I can help please let me know, we"ll chat at the gym.



03/09/15 06:05 PM #25    


Carol Van Rensburg (Voorhees)

Thanks, Sally! What a great idea - please let me know what I can do to help.

Carol van Rensburg Voorhees

03/09/15 06:44 PM #26    

Carol Hall (Bartholomew)


   As you can see by the many responses, we're all excited about getting together and we all want to help.  I'd like to volunteer to bring a platter of "finger food" and whatever else is needed.  You are truly a GREAT E.H.A.G. President to get this event going.  Please know that we're all anxious to help out!     ---Carol Hall Bartholomew


03/10/15 05:08 AM #27    

Susan McKain (MacIan)

I'm so happy to hear there will be an EHAG event. Can't wait! Love you, Sally!

03/10/15 01:00 PM #28    

Bernie Asahina


     I plan on coming so I can get a preview of the grandma faces and support Lee throught this traumatic time.


03/10/15 06:31 PM #29    


Sally Norton (Smith)

Bernie, he'll be the one hiding under the bed with the dog.  xo

03/10/15 06:36 PM #30    


Sally Norton (Smith)

I'm glad Greg G. and Kent H. have declared a truce.  "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Girls are still nicer than boys.  

03/10/15 08:25 PM #31    


Vic McClintic

Sally, I'm not buying Lee will be under the bed.  He'll be behind a curtain, brewing "something"!  Remind us " grand- father faces, what "EHAG" is or was.  It doesn't match.  Your faces will be a wonderful sight for us!!  I'll check with Bernie.  

03/10/15 10:42 PM #32    


Sally Norton (Smith)

Vic, you are right.  Lee is always brewing something behind a curtain.  EHAG= East High Associated Girls, and you are always welcome.  "Later"  

03/10/15 10:57 PM #33    


Sally Norton (Smith)

EHAG Evening

OK, girls, here's what I'm thinking... Everyone shows up at my house (2400 E. Sunnyside Ave.) around 5 p.m. Thur., Aug. 20 with a snack to share (sweet or savory).  I furnish the beverages.  This keeps it simple and inexpensive..  The imnportant things will be the company and conversation.  



03/11/15 10:01 AM #34    


Kathy Young (Bates)

The ehag evening sounds so fun! I will try to be there. Might as well make a whole weekend of memories, and I definitely have a grandma face!    Kathy Y. Bates

03/11/15 01:59 PM #35    

Joan Knudsen (Connolly)

A Girl's night out is perfect for that weekend!  Thanks for planning it Sally!  I will be there with my goodies in hand!  I am excited to see all of you!  Joan

03/11/15 02:41 PM #36    

Louise Cannon

Hi Sally!  I will be there on Thursday evening,

Is there anything I can do to help? Let me know.  Louise Cannon

03/11/15 03:02 PM #37    

Mari Lin Leishman (Cox)

Sally, I will be there on Thursday as well. Since I only live a couple of blocks away it will be easy. Mari Lin Leishman Cox

03/11/15 04:40 PM #38    

Carol Hall (Bartholomew)


      Count me in too!  I'll be there with treats to share.  THANKS for planning it!

Carol Hall Bartholomew

03/12/15 10:41 AM #39    


Jill Wonnacott (Dunford)

Sally, Such a great idea!  Simple for everyone (well, maybe not so much for you!)  But thank you for thinking about this and planning it!

03/20/15 12:01 PM #40    

Mary Alldredge (Griffiths)

Count me in!  What a great idea.  I will have no trouble bring my grandma face!  I'll  think of some delicious treat to bring along.  Perhaps I could bring my Vita-Mix and make my favorite food of all--a green smoothie! See you all in August.  Mary Griffiths




03/21/15 12:00 PM #41    

Ella Synnestvedt (Raventos)

Hi Sally,  I am planning on coming to the EHAG get together too.  Should be fun.  I am glad grandma faces will be there.  Thanks for doing this.  Ella Synnestvedt Raventos

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