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11/25/14 10:09 AM #4    


Jim Brinton

A lot of you have expressed appreciation for the brainiac who has taken the time to put all our '65 Eastonia yearbook pictures on our websites. It's none other than GLEN TOLMAN !! Let us know if there is anything else we can do to make this website more fun and usable. About 40 of us go to the website each day. We have 95 enrolled but want EVERYONE to join us. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD... "EASTHIGHLEOPARDS65" 

12/22/14 05:11 PM #5    


Steve Smith

Thanks Glen for keeping the site updated, I look forward to the reunion in August.

12/29/14 03:30 PM #6    


Glen Tolman

Some classmates have asked about recommendations of where to stay when coming to the reunion from out of state.  A good place to start is the travel site uses input from various travel and hotel websites and also contains reviews of the various locations.  The link is    

01/27/15 03:15 PM #7    


John Lauber

Does anyone know where i can get a Class Pin?  Mine was destroyed in the fire at my father's house in 1981.

01/27/15 04:53 PM #8    


Steve Smith

Same for a class ring, I lost mine during a rocket attack in Vietnam. I had lost so much weight that when I ran for a bunker the ring came off and I never found it!

01/28/15 02:12 PM #9    


Sharon Lehr

I know Josten's made the rings originally....whether or not we can order one that far back is another question. I would like to know also...mine got lost in the many moves I've made. Also, how many of us were there who graduated?

01/29/15 08:53 AM #10    


Steve Smith

Sharon and any other interested classmates,

I have made contact with Josten's and need a picutre of what our ring looked like. Could someone take a picture (I am sure most were ruby, at least mine was) and I will get prices and you can order one with me, the more ordered of course the less expensive..


P.S. John, I suspect the class ring was gotten from Josten's as well, if someone has a picture, I could check on it as well.

01/29/15 03:41 PM #11    

Carol Hall (Bartholomew)

Steve---I wonder if there's some way to enscribe a "50" on the gem---in case that's what someone would want done.

01/30/15 07:59 AM #12    


Steve Smith

Carol, I am sure that is possible, I never thought of askin; I will be calling next week to order mine but havne't heard from anyone else yet. Steve

01/30/15 12:29 PM #13    


Sharon Lehr

Thanks steve...was there a drawing of it in the year book?

01/31/15 08:03 AM #14    


Steve Smith

I will check.

01/31/15 10:27 PM #15    


Ted Woolley

Steve, I have a photo of the ring on my page. Ted Woolley

02/03/15 10:38 PM #16    


Steve Smith

Inline Image Not Displayed


I designed this ring with an E inside the garnet; however, a 50 for the reunion year as well. The left side of the ring will have 1965 and the right side 2015 as shown to depict 50 years.


02/03/15 10:40 PM #17    


Steve Smith

I don't know why the rinig sample did not go through on my last posting. I will post it as a picture on my personal site. Steve

03/07/15 11:23 AM #18    


Sally Norton (Smith)


Please reserve the evening of Thur., Aug. 20 for an EHAG get together.  Details to follow.


03/08/15 07:06 PM #19    

Francy Bury (Williams)

Sally: Thanks for the Heads up, Save the Date!  I'll bring my grandma face.


03/08/15 08:20 PM #20    

Patti Raymond (Kelly)

Thanks Sally that sounds great.  So nice of you to do that. I definitely can bring the grandma fac. Will save date??

03/08/15 09:26 PM #21    

Hope Kanell (Vernon)

Hey Sally... An evening with beautiful grandma faces sounds fabulous.  What can I do to help?  We'll definitely need name tags for identification.    

Hope Kanell Vernon 


03/09/15 12:03 PM #22    

Karen Ericksen (Fuhriman)

Sally , you're the best. Great idea. Can't wait to see all the girls. How can I help you? XO Karen

03/09/15 12:58 PM #23    


Susan Rasmussen (Turner)


What a great idea!  I've put it on my calendar, thank you so much!


I have been so looking forward to the reunion, only to realize Doug and I will be in Durango, Colo at the same time on a National Antique Car Tour.  I'm sorry to miss all the fun and seeing old friends.  I hope you have a wonderful time, I'm sure you will.  Do you think we'll make it to our 60th?  Thanks for all the hard work and the website, it's been very interesting.



03/09/15 01:01 PM #24    


Bonnie Jo Straley (Hooper)

   I"ve been working on my Grandma face for 50 years...Yikes! ( and will eventually figure our how to get it on our web site). I can handly wait to see how the rest of your grannyfaces are coming along.

   Will be great fun to see all you EHAGs again.  Sally, If I can help please let me know, we"ll chat at the gym.



03/09/15 06:05 PM #25    


Carol Van Rensburg (Voorhees)

Thanks, Sally! What a great idea - please let me know what I can do to help.

Carol van Rensburg Voorhees

03/09/15 06:44 PM #26    

Carol Hall (Bartholomew)


   As you can see by the many responses, we're all excited about getting together and we all want to help.  I'd like to volunteer to bring a platter of "finger food" and whatever else is needed.  You are truly a GREAT E.H.A.G. President to get this event going.  Please know that we're all anxious to help out!     ---Carol Hall Bartholomew


03/10/15 05:08 AM #27    

Susan McKain (MacIan)

I'm so happy to hear there will be an EHAG event. Can't wait! Love you, Sally!

03/10/15 01:00 PM #28    

Bernie Asahina


     I plan on coming so I can get a preview of the grandma faces and support Lee throught this traumatic time.


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