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03/20/15 12:01 PM #40    

Mary Alldredge (Griffiths)

Count me in!  What a great idea.  I will have no trouble bring my grandma face!  I'll  think of some delicious treat to bring along.  Perhaps I could bring my Vita-Mix and make my favorite food of all--a green smoothie! See you all in August.  Mary Griffiths




03/21/15 12:00 PM #41    

Ella Synnestvedt (Raventos)

Hi Sally,  I am planning on coming to the EHAG get together too.  Should be fun.  I am glad grandma faces will be there.  Thanks for doing this.  Ella Synnestvedt Raventos

05/12/15 04:40 PM #42    

Linda Welch (LeBrane)

Pray and send positive energy to Joan Knudsen Connoly!

07/09/15 06:31 PM #43    


Shellee /Michelle Hackett (Ingram)

Hi Sally:
I just made my reservations for the Reunion and would like to come to your 8/20 event.  I will be flying in Thursday afternoon from Bay Area. 

While I am quite comfortable with a group of strangers, I really don't know a soul in this group.

I only went to East in my last year and did not get involved in anything.   Perhaps someone can "sponsor" me in.

Thanks for opening up your home for the group....that is very gracious.


Michelle Ingram  aka Shellee Hackett

07/10/15 04:33 PM #44    


DeAnna Pickett (DeBry)

Shelley, I'd love to sponsor you!  Anyone who graduates from East High is an automatic family friend.  After 50 years, grandma faces rule, and success isn't measured by things, but by experiences.  --DeAnna

07/23/15 01:15 PM #45    


Ann Morris (Bouvier)

Sally do you mind if I come ?

07/24/15 05:26 PM #46    

Diane Saville (Meyer)

Hi Sally,

Thanks for hosting this!  Sounds like great fun.  See you there!

Diane Saville (Meyer)

08/05/15 03:46 PM #47    

Sue Miller

I'll be there Sally.  Thanks for doing this!  




08/06/15 03:10 PM #48    


Deborah Waters

Sally - I'm sorry to say my flight won't get me into SLC until well after the shin-dig starts so I won't plan to get there.  IF a miracle in the sky happens, I'll come late. Have Fun! Deb



08/06/15 11:53 PM #49    


Diane Kirkham (Miller)

I would like to attend the EHAG event. I have lots of grandma smiles. 

I'm wondering if anyone in Utah Valley would like to ride with me for the event. It would make it even more fun to talk all the way up and back. Just add a message.

Thanks Sally for taking care of us.

02/10/16 07:47 AM #50    


Steve Smith

Rosemary, We would be interested in a Alaska trip or a church history trip as well. Could you send some pricing information? A lot depends on my wifes health and how long we think she can go at one time, it seems to me the Alaska trip (talking to others who have taken it) would be the best for her condition.Steve

PS I did see the pricing page you sent in one of your other sites. Lets see who else is interested in the Alaska cruise.

02/13/16 03:11 PM #51    


Jill Wonnacott (Dunford)


These sound so fun.  Unfortunately, we have committed ourselves already for several vacations in the coming year, but I hope that some of the class can get together to do these! 



02/14/16 10:07 AM #52    

Haws Marble ((Faculty))

Would anyone like a class tour to the Holy Land? Contact Haws Marble at 801-374-2445.

02/15/16 10:28 PM #53    

Susan McKain (MacIan)

That sounds like fun. Could you use to Hebrew translator with dozens of family members over there?

I still speak Hebrew and a little bit of Arabic.

02/16/16 09:23 AM #54    

Haws Marble ((Faculty))

The tour cost depends on the length of the tour, countries visited, time of year, strength of the dollar, etc. If we set up a tour for just this group. Usually the land price is in the $2000-$2,500 area plus air. A single room would have a single supplement. At LDS Travel Study we already have tours set up with the prices. Email me at or call at 801-374-2445 for further information.

02/16/16 10:17 AM #55    

Carol Hall (Bartholomew)

Haws---Could you give us an idea of the cost per person?  Also, do you charge on the basis of double occupancy only, or can you give a single rate?

02/16/16 10:41 AM #56    


Steve Smith

I would love to hear those costs as well.

10/26/16 09:47 PM #57    

James Bennion

There is a wonderful stirring movie at Jordon commons titled "I am not ashamed".  It is not getting any press and should.  It is about the life of one of the students killled at Columbine High School and how she stood up for her beliefs and helped others.  See it before it is gone.

10/27/16 10:27 AM #58    

Joan Knudsen (Connolly)

That sounds like a good one!  Thanks!  Joan


10/28/16 11:38 PM #59    

Carol Hall (Bartholomew)

I watched the trailer to that movie and I have put it on my Netflix waiting list so that I can get the dvd when it's available.  I can tell, without first seeing the movie, that it has a good message.

Another movie (which I just watched on dvd from Netflix) is "Mr. Church," starring Eddie Murphy.  It has an amazingly touching message and I recommend it to anyone.  This is a totally different style of a movie for Eddie Murphy, who is known for either comedy or crudeness in his roles.  But this one is a winner.  Check it out!

10/29/16 05:14 PM #60    


Steve Smith

The Utes played well, terrible call on the punt return. I was hoping for overtime, if the refs would have called at least on of those three blocks in the back then it probably would gone into overtime.angry 

04/24/17 11:47 AM #61    

Linda King (Lucas)

I am in Utah right now for my sister's funeral. Drove by East High School.


01/24/19 07:23 AM #62    


R. Geoffrey Blackburn (Aka Rich Hansen)

Announcing a new video- Oil painting techniques and tutorial with R. Geoffrey Blackburn on Colour In Your Life - Please visit :

Published on Jan 17, 2019 -  9851 views

Oil painting techniques and tutorial for beginners or artists of all ages and skills. In this fine art TV show episode, R. Geoffrey Blackburn is interviewed by Colour In Your Life host and Master Artist  Graeme Stevenson.

Visit Geoffrey Blackburn's site:

01/25/19 07:14 PM #63    

Michael Robinson

I have seen virtually all of Rich's art, including many of his originals. There's no question that he's one of America's finest realist painters. The big bonus is that most of his subjects are places that we Utahns love, expecially the red rock country of southern Utah that draws world visitors by the millions. If you haven't spent some time on his website, you should. It's awesome. Michael Robinson

01/27/19 08:54 AM #64    


R. Geoffrey Blackburn (Aka Rich Hansen)

Thank you Michael! I appreciate the vote of confidence.  I guess at our next lunch, the Postum is on me...

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