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Lorraine Bowman (Faculty)

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03/16/15 08:05 AM #6    

Rodney Fletcher

I too agree with the comments about Miss Bowman.  She was a perfectionist and it showed in our choir.  I may be a bit prejudice, but we were the best in the state in "65".  Who could forget Dave Goates and that low voice of his.  Or Katie Tidwell.  Great times!  I always enjoyed listening to the boy's quartet also.

03/16/15 05:59 PM #7    

Mari Lin Leishman (Cox)

From what I remember, Miss Bowman died in a car accident coming home from a visit to Colorado. Her car hit an icy spot on the road and went over the side. I was living in California at the time and heard about from my mother, who was in the Tabernacle Choir with Miss Bowman. I remember how devastated I was at the time. She influenced so many young people in her lifetime. She had a strong way about her, but was so good at forming how we responded to her and to the music. I learned to love all music from her. I hope that someone can find out more information about her.

03/19/15 05:38 AM #8    

Kristin Schoenhals (Winterton)

Lorraine Bowman was indeed an institution at East High. She taught us more than just music - she believed in excellence and taught her A cappella and Madrigal students to strive for excellence in all that they did, high school and beyond. Does anyone remember that about two months into our senior year, she told the A cappella, "You guys are not sounding all that good. You think you're good but you're not. You need to work a lot harder to be a really good choir..." or something to that effect. She talked to us about being outstanding adults, not settling for mediocrity in whatever we would pursue in life. I always loved music, and from singing under Miss Bowman's tutelage, I learned proper vocal techniques and have tried to use them in whatever groups I've sung with all these years. 

03/19/15 03:05 PM #9    

Carol Hall (Bartholomew)

My fondest memories of my years at East High School were the lessons I learned from Lorraine Bowman.  She maintained a high standard of performance at all times, demanding that each of us give our best effort.  She told us to "open our mouths wide" and from that I was nicknamed "Large Mouth Bass."  During my senior year I was privileged to take two classes from her---ACapella Choir and Madrigals, so I feel like I was able to receive double doses of her wisdom and training.  During the Christmas season especially we were worked to exhaustion, but we loved every minute of it.  Miss Bowman sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, so the skills that she learned there were passed on to us. 

Later in my life I led children's choirs and also did volunteer work teaching music in my sons' elementary school.  I taught the 4th Graders to sing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and "The Night Before Christmas" with the comical actions that I had learned from Miss Bowman. I used to tell the 4th Graders, "If you can learn these two songs, you'll be just like a high school choir."  They always seemed to feel proud of themselves when they reached that goal.  That's what Miss Bowman did for us:she made us do the difficult, which gave us a deep feeling of personal accomplishment.


03/20/15 10:26 AM #10    

Glen Tolman

We had a difficult time finding an obituary for our beloved Miss Lorraine Bowman. Thanks to Tom Johnson for saving the article about her tragic death and sharing it with us.

Birth: March 15, 1917

Death: August 20, 1969

Burial: August 25, 1969 in the Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, Utah

Inscription on her headstone:  "To know her was to love her"

03/20/15 11:33 AM #11    

Carol Hall (Bartholomew)

Thank you, Glen, for finding Miss Bowman's obituary and also a photo of her grave marker.  I intend to visit it when I visit my husband's grave, which is also in Wasatch Lawn Cemetery.  Thank you again.

03/21/15 09:17 AM #12    

Doug Richards

Thanks Glen-I remember the article and how sad I felt at the time.  What a loss to so many who could have learned and remembered her like we do.

03/22/15 06:49 PM #13    

Karren Kelly (Hammer)

A'Cappella Choir at East High was my favorite class, senior year.  Lorraine Bowman was a serious musician who was able to bring out the best in her students year after year.  I think it was a blend of her wit, her passion and teaching skills and her love of all of us.  The Madrigals were lucky to have a second class with Miss Bowman.  She was truly a legend and one who was terribly missed in the community at large.

03/24/15 11:56 AM #14    

Marilyn Homer (Woodger)

I had just gotten married and moved away from SLC when I learned of Miss Boman's death.  I was totally shcoked and sadened at the time.  Every time I think of East High I think of the fond memroies she gave me during Jr. Choir and Acapella Choir.  We had such fun perfoming around the city, and I still have the "LP record" we recorded for Christmas our senior year.  She was such  a great influence on so many young lives.  We will never forget you, Miss B!

03/25/15 04:26 PM #15    

Brent Cunningham

It was so sad when I heard of Miss Bowman death in Colorado. She was a great mentor and she spent her valuable time guiding me. I also still have our LP Christmas album. Great times performing and the great association with other members in Acapella.

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