In Memory

Dorothy Ann Terry (Jennings)

Dorothy Ann Terry (Jennings)

     East High Leopards
Class of 1965

Deceased Classmate: Dorothy Ann Terry Jennings
Date Of Birth: 
Date Deceased: 1998
Age at Death: 
Cause of Death: Cancer
Classmate City: Salt Lake City
Classmate State: UT
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: her husband and her son, Robert Jennings


The following "In Memory" was written and submitted by our classmate Candy Martin Kammerman, a lifelong friend of Dorothy:

Dorothy always enjoyed participating in sports. We became acquainted in Junior High playing together in a summer softball league. It was during the league play that I learned Dorothy's mother was my Art teacher at Roosevelt Jr. High. After sharing a fun year in Leader's Club our senior year, I lost contact with Dorothy as she attended Westminster and I was at the University of Utah. When I returned to Utah in 1974, I would run into Dorothy and her mother at Salt Lake Golden Eagle games. When my son John was playing hockey for Skyline, I ran into Dorothy's mother in the stands at the Cottonwood Recreation Center. She told me she had come to watch her grandson who was also playing for Skyline. She asked if I would like to wait and meet him after the game. Sure, I had to wait for my son to shower and change anyway. I should have guessed from her grin, but who should come out with her grandson, but his mother, Dorothy. She had been keeping score for the team. This led to several years of sharing timekeeper/scorekeeper duties for the Skyline hockey team. Dorothy taught in the hospital/home bound program for Granite School District. A few years later, Dorothy was diagnosed with stomach cancer and passed away in 1998.